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St. Stephen’s-on-the-Hill United Church

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We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM - You are welcome!

Phone: 905-278-9245      E-mail: office@ststephensuc.ca


Meditation Labyrinth


Keep this labyrinth on your desk. When you are stressed and need to relax,use your finger to slowly trace the path into the centre and then out to the entrance. The spiralling path of the labyrinth teaches us to slow down and refocus as we become more centred and balanced on the peace of Christ that is in our midst.


Lots of information about labyrinths, including a directory of all labyrinths in Ontario, is available at the Labyrinth Community Network web site.

Labyrinths have been laid out in churches and cathedrals for many centuries. They are used as a path for meditation and were popularly known as the “Way to Jerusalem”.

Those who couldn’t afford the grand pilgrimage to Jerusalem walking a labyrinth was used as a substitute, a sort of pilgrimage in miniature.  In my research I read that the oldest walking labyrinth is found in Pavia, Italy, likely created in the first half of the eleventh century. Apparently back then the people walked the labyrinth at Easter, remembering the life and teachings of Jesus. When they reached the centre it represented His death. Walking out of the labyrinth the path to new life was imaged.

St. Stephen’s has an outdoor meditation labyrinth on-site that can be used for your spiritual nurture and enjoyment.  The labyrinth is constructed of interlocking stone and sits flush to the ground on the back northeast corner of the church property.

This labyrinth was a gift of Lynda Appleby on the occasion of the church’s 50th anniversary.