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JNAC Report - February 2018

In January 2018, following the departure of our minister, St. Stephen’s  began the process of calling a new minister. In accordance with the policies of the United Church, the first step is to complete a Joint Needs Assessment. The term “Joint” refers to the involvement of both the congregation and representatives of Halton Presbytery in the work. The purpose of the the report is primarily to determine a “job description” for the new minister.

Once the report is completed, it is reviewed by the Pastoral Relations Committee of Presbytery. The financial statements are also reviewed by the Presbytery Finance and Property Committee. If approved, a vacancy is declared and the search process can formally begin.

The following people served as members of the committee that prepared the report:

Peter Curran (Chair)

Carla Ward (Secretary)

Rev. Jim Cairney (Christ Church - Clergy Presbytery Rep)

Ken Boulton (Streetsville - Lay Presbytery Rep)

Kathy Elliott

Mary Stricker

(Jon McDonald also agreed to participate, but was unable to for medical reasons.)

We thank all these people for their work and support.

The following link displays the complete current draft of the 2018 JNAC Report:

JNAC Report

The following link displays a version of the report excluding the financial statements. It is much smaller and more suitable for printing or e-mailing, if the statements are not needed:

JNAC Report - Text Only

The JNAC report includes a number of financial statements. To facilitate access and reading, links to copies of these statements are included here.

2015 Statement of Financial Position

2016 Statement of Financial Position

2017 Financial Report Summary

2018 Budget Summary

2019 Budget Estimate

2020 Budget Estimate

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