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Welcome to

St. Stephen’s-on-the-Hill United Church

998 Indian Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5H 1R5

We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM - You are welcome!

Phone: 905-278-9245      E-mail: office@ststephensuc.ca


Donating to St. Stephen’s

Like all churches and other similar organizations, our work depends on the generous support of our members, community and other supporters. We are very grateful to all of these people for their contributions.

Donations can be made online to any of our funds, including the Memorial Fund, online through the Canada Helps website.

St. Stephen’s is a registered charity with Revenue Canada, and can issue tax receipts for donations. We normally issue tax receipts early each year, for donations received in the previous year.

We have several funds through which we support our work:

General Fund. This is our main operating fund, used to support all of our programs and facilities.

Memorial Fund. This is the fund through which we honour members and supporters, especially those who have passed away. This fund is administered by our Memorial Fund Committee. Normally, we accumulate funds, and use them for identified needs or opportunities. If you have wish to donate for a particular purpose, please talk to our minister or members of the Committee, so we can be sure we fully understand your wishes, and can properly respond.

Special Gifts Fund. This fund is used for many special projects. Each year, half of the money contributed to this fund is invested, to create a legacy for future years. The other half is split into four areas:

Administration. These are projects within the church. For example, we might use funds to support a special music project.

Youth. These are projects to support our youth, such as assisting a student attending a special conference or other event.

Local Outreach. These are projects to support special needs within our local community, such as a food bank or other service.

Canada and the World. These are projects beyond our local community, such as contributions to disaster relief, or assisting a member travelling on a medical mission.

Refugee Sponsorship. Recently we, together with Applewood United Church, First United Church, and other partners, have formed a Constituent Group, with the intent of sponsoring a refugee family arriving in our area. This is a major project for us, and will required a lot of support.

As mentioned, donations to our church can be made online, through the Canada Helps web site. We also, of course, accept donations by mail, or delivered to our church office.

Regular donors can use weekly giving envelopes. These help us track donations for tax purposes. Please contact the church office if you would like to receive envelopes.

We also encourage donations through the use of Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). This allows donations to be handled through automatic monthly withdrawals. This helps to ensure that the financial needs of the church are met even when members are away or unable to attend services. Again, please contact the church office for more information about this option.

For those considering legacy gifts, the United Church has a variety of plans. For example, the church can help you set up an annuity, which will provide a regular income during your lifetime, then pass the remaining funds to the church in your name. The church can also provide advice for creating bequests and other special gifts. There are trained specialist available to assist in these matters - please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting.

Every fall, our church has a Stewardship Campaign, in which supporters are asked to pledge to support of the church for the next year. Pledges are not binding, but allow us to budget and plan our programs responsibly. It is always awkward to talk about money in a church, but it is a necessary part of our life and work together. We ask for your support our community of faith as we go about our mission together.