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Formally, a life in the Christian faith finds its entry point at the moment of baptism.  For many, this has happened in infancy.  It is a sacrament (from the Latin word for mystery), whereby we participate in the baptism of Jesus. Baptism is initiation into what Scripture refers to as the Body of Christ (the church).  It’s about establishing a relationship.  

But still, why we are baptized is seldom clear to most. Many see baptism as the rite of faith that says God has welcomed us into the divine family and that all are welcome. It is a representation of our relationship with God initiated through Christ, a relationship that is lived out in the bonds of the community that we call the church. This means baptism is not a private event, but an occasion that moves one beyond the self into a greater circle of a life shared with others.

Preparation for baptism is like taking steps on a journey.  It is expected that candidates for baptism (or Parents) will meet with the minister and attend worship prior to the day of baptism. Please feel welcome to contact the minister to arrange a meeting.

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